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Stress: When the Body says No

Drawing on scientific research and the author’s decades of experience as a practicing physician, When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress provides answers to important questions about the …

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All Mothers are Working Mothers…

So perhaps what mothers need is more self-acceptance and less self-criticism. Perhaps women need to stop criticizing other women (for how they look, don’t look, parent, don’t parent, work, don’t work etc. etc.) and become more supportive of other women and mothers both in and out of the workplace.

Another woman’s success doesn’t diminish your success in life

The Balanced Life

workingmom image All mothers are working mothers.

According to Grindstone, women who utilize company benefits such as a flexible schedule and telecommuting are often penalized over time for making those choices. Ladies who tough out their “work life balance” without these niceties have a better chance of keeping up with their childless peers – i.e. men. Because while there’s definitely a gap between moms and child-free women, being a dad actually increases the likelihood that you’ll get that next raise.

So is the fact that we are even discussing work-life balance a sexist, gender-based discussion? Do men stand around the water-cooler and discuss how hard it is to keep up with work, manage the house, and raise the kids?

working mother Is there a Working Father magazine?

The Double Parent claims to still need feminism because people still talk about working mothers, but never talk about working fathers, and asks when you ever…

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The Lost Summer

Single parents and the long, long summer vacation from school…


Elissa Strauss | Longreads | August 2015 | 15 minutes (3,841 words)

Below is the story of a single mother and her daughter. Names and certain identifying details have been changed to protect their identities.

* * *


By the time Olympia picked up her 6-year-old daughter Raina from the babysitter she was tired. She works a 10-hour day satisfying the various needs of two young siblings in Brooklyn’s affluent neighborhood of Cobble Hill, shepherding them to and from various classes, camps and playdates, making sure they get food when hungry, rest when tired and are properly stimulated when bored.

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