Proud to be a double parent…

2014-02-12 191

I am single. I am a parent. I have sole custody of my children. I am not a single-parent. I do the parenting work of two people, therefore I am a double parent.

As double parents, we are LITERALLY doing the parenting work of two people. We are 100% responsible for the sum total of our children’s parenting – a task that is normally shared (hopefully, equally) by two people. That’s quite the responsibility.

If we were two do twice the work asked of us by our boss, we would be applauded, promoted and given raises – or at least, we would deserve that treatment.As a double parent, I am proud to do double the work. It’s certainly harder to row the parent boat alone as opposed to a rowing in a pair. It actually seems like you are hopping while everyone else is running – the work is harder and the rests are fewer – but believe me, the rewards are great.


No matter how difficult your journey is I urge you to keep going.

Remember, no parent is perfect and everyone makes mistakes.

Don’t give up. You are enough, and you are good enough! Hold your  head up high and do not let anyone or any circumstance steal your joy. Do not let anyone tell you that your family is broken. You are not broken. 

I am proud to  be a double parent and it is my hope that you, too, will be proud of your double parenting.

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