Dear Huffpost, my family is not broken…

I’m reblogging this post because the #notbroken message is as important as ever. Just because a family has only one parent, or because there is no “male figurehead” does not mean our children are from broken families.

The Double Parent:

An open letter to Huffpost (and its writer /blogger, Elizabeth Denham) in response to this article.  Denham’s advice-giving post about co-parenting after divorce states “Give [your children] the freedom to be happy wherever they are. It is the greatest gift you can give to them after their family has broken.


What???? It is 2013 and you are still describing families who have been through divorce or separation as BROKEN???? Are you kidding me?
I am single. I am a mother. I have sole custody of my children. I am not a single-parent. I do the parenting work of two people. I am a double parent, and my family is not broken.

I am outraged that you would describe any family situation as broken. Unless there has been outright abuse or something has happened to damage or sever the parent-child bond/relationship, no child is from a broken family.  Parents separate. They don’t…

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