I need feminism because…

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I need feminism because people still talk about working mothers, but never talk about working fathers.  I mean, when was the last time you heard a man worrying about balancing career and kids/family? Or ask a man when he was going back to work after the baby?

But don’t worry, women. There’s Working Mother magazine to help you deal with the stress of balancing kids and career. Is there a Working Father edition that I don’t  know about?

Up till Jul 29 2013 067

Look closely at the cover, and you will notice that the mother in the cover photo is a background character. Is it an ironic coincidence that the male (the father, I presume) is dancing near hour glass (giver of time),  while the mother’s just trying to hold onto her hat. The rest of the magazine is just as bad with such sub-headlines as “What your guy really wants to do on his day” So, even though Working Mother‘s title suggest it’s a magazine about career and motherhood, it’s really just another magazine telling you how to please your man. Sigh.  I can’t believe it even exists. What mother isn’t a working mother? And for mothers working outside the home as well as inside the home, do you really need a magazine to tell you how to do it????

Until there are magazines telling men how to balance career and family, and how to win back family time, I need feminism. We all need do.

What I want to know is why you need feminism?

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6 thoughts on “I need feminism because…

  1. I need feminism because when I talk about this kind of stuff people look at me as if I’m crazy or overreacting.


  2. Lindsay says:

    Ugh that magazine. What makes it worse is it’s probably primarily written by women.


  3. Bianca – God help them if we ever do overreact!

    Lindsay – That magazine was very definitely written by women. I snapped the front cover of that copy (in the photo above) in local library this summer. The librarians obviously thought it was so good that they ordered it so that other women could reap the benefits of reading it (and for free!)


  4. Feminism is the the Problem. We need to stop FEMIN-ism so the focus can be on PEOPLE, not WOMEN.


  5. Genderneutrallanguage – No. If there were no problems, there would be no need for feminism. Just in case you weren’t aware, the focus is on people. Feminism is about equality for ALL people.


  6. […] Double Parent claims to still need feminism because people still talk about working mothers, but never talk about working fathers, and asks […]


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