TDP Reviews: Jack the Giant Slayer

TDP Reviews: Jack the Giant Slayer

My kids and I went to see Jack the Giant Slayer (3D) this weekend. I’m not going to lie. I’m going to be blunt and tell you straight up – the movie was rubbish. Read on, but beware, there is now a spoiler alert in effect….

The storyline was a gossamer thin, predictable, and underdeveloped “teenage” version of the original fairytale. Jack is now 18 and he climbs the beanstalk to rescue Princess Isabelle – who is nothing short of a one-dimensional damsel in desperate need of being rescued – by a man.

It’s 2013, but you’d never know it – the movie industry is still churning out this sexist rubbish disguised as entertainment. At the end of the film, about 20 minutes after everyone in the cinema’s audience (even my 8 year old) had guessed just how the battle against the giants was going to be won, there was a chance for the film to redeem itself. It chose not to. Instead, Jack came out and raised the crown upon his head, causing all the giants to bow down to him as their king. Not a whole lot of slaying (by Jack) involved in that victory.

As he did so, Princess Isabelle stood by his side – like a good (future) wife should – while he took all the glory. Why couldn’t Isabelle have worn the crown, and been Queen of the Giants??? I totally get that the film’s not called Isabelle the Giant Slayer, but as the film clearly shows, the giant was lying dead with the crown on his finger – ripe for the picking. Either Jack or Isabelle could have picked it up.

But Jack did, and so he’s the hero. That ending is as pathetic as the movie and sums up the lack of storyline and character development.

If you want your family to see an adventure film about a princess who is strong and independent and where she isn’t a pathetic stereotype, then watch Disney Pixar’s Brave. It is everything this film isn’t – great characters, adventure, great story, happy ending, and features a strong female lead who is not dependent on a man!!!!!!!!!

For more information on appropriate films and role-models and to learn about the Bechdel Test and How Movies Create Manhood click here. Watch Mickey Mouse Monopoly here.

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8 thoughts on “TDP Reviews: Jack the Giant Slayer

  1. I'm a MILF says:

    Someone on the local news channel also gave this film poor reviews based on never really developing the storyline. I guess they spent too much money on the VFX guy instead of the writer. :/


  2. I agree. I read somewhere (good old Wikipedia, I think) that the film cost $195 million to make. It was all VFX. We saw it in 3D and I doubt it was because of our seat location (middle centre) but two of us had sore eyes and a headache afterwards, and that doesn’t normally happen to either one of us after seeing 3D movies. It was definitely visual effects overload. It’s most certainly not worth the price of admission.

    I am hoping that the Oz movie coming out next week will be better and won’t disappoint.


  3. CMrok93 says:

    Good review. I thought this film was a lot of fun and did a very good job keeping my attention.


  4. Carrie Rubin says:

    Yep, this one was kind of a stinker. I have two sons, and I spend enormous amounts of energy trying to explain to them how stereotypical these movies are for women. They seem to get the picture now, and after we saw this one, my 12 year old joked about the princess having to be saved ‘like always.’

    Thanks for stopping by my site. I appreciate it!


  5. Thanks for your comment, Carrie. I greatly appreciate feedback from parents of sons, since I have daughters, and am always concerned with keeping a balanced perspective. I agree – this film was OTT on the stereotypes. It’s great to hear that mothers of sons are keeping tabs on this too.


  6. […] gender are represented in films, toys and the media. The article was inspired by this review of Jack and the Giant Slayer, a 2013 film that shocked me by its portrayal of […]


  7. […] Overall, I would say that this film was definitely better and far funnier than I thought it would be, but it’s not something I’ll be rushing out to buy on DVD or one that would become a firm family favourite.  It’s definitely better than Jack and the Giant Slayer. (Click here for my review.) […]


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