I dreamed a dream…

Here's hoping....

Anne Hathaway’s beautifully elocuted quote about the plight of single (double) parents upon receipt of an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at the 85th Academy Awards.

Most parents today, at least in the western world, are not suffering in exactly the same way as Fantine. But many, if not almost all, are struggling to bring up their children alone.

Do you think that things will ever be different for double parents? Are the parents who single-handedly work tirelessly to raise their children always going to be facing struggle and hardship?

Does anyone even care??? Or is just a dream I dreamed???

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2 thoughts on “I dreamed a dream…

  1. When the kids were little, DH worked horrible shifts, seven days of afternoons in a row, and by day two I was pulling my hair out. I honestly have no idea how I survived those days.


  2. Karey says:

    That quote is incredibly unaware… http://bridgethegulfproject.com/node/739


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