Dr. Gabor Mate – Hold on to your Kids

In this enlightening video, Dr Gabor Mate discusses how you can Hold on to your Kids… Based on his book, it is well, well, well worth the 75 minutes. I watch it regularly to remind myself of what is most important when it comes to relationship with my children.
You want your kids to listen to you, right? Not only that, you want them to hear you. And I bet you also want them to care about what you have to say – because you have their best interests at heart like no-one else can or does. The icing on that cake would be to have your child care more about what you think or say than they care about what their friends think, say, or do. There isn’t a parent out there who hasn’t had the experience of telling something to their child and their child listening more to someone else who said exactly the same thing. In that case, the child was interested more in who was doing the talking and not what was being said. That is the power of influence.

hold on to your kidsIf you only read one book on the parent-child relationship, then Gabor Mate and Gordon Neufeld’s ‘Hold on to your Kids’ is THE book. A national bestseller, this book explains the causes behind the breakdown of parental influence, and demonstrates ways to “reattach” to sons and daughters, establish the proper hierarchy in the home, make kids feel safe and understood, and earn back your children’s loyalty and love. By helping to reawaken parenting instincts innate to us all, this book will empower parents to be for their children what nature intended: a true source of contact, security, and warmth.

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Gabor Mate – Hold on to your Kids

  1. Read this — LOVE it. I would love to see him speak live…


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