You know you’re a Canadian parent when….

You know you're a Canadian parent when....

You know you’re a Canadian parent when there is a windchill of minus 24 and 32 mins after your middle school child leaves for the school bus (at an ungodly 7:20am btw), you get a robocall from the school to say that your child’s bus is cancelled. You then call school while you are sprinting to said bus stop (all while dropping your grade 3 kid off at their school’s bus stop  – which is, of course, in the opposite direction) in search of your feared-frozen-to-death kid to find that no-one at the bus stop and for the school to tell then you that they have received an update that the bus is NOW running but delayed.

You sprint home (with a very hesitant presumption that your kid IS on the bus) to then get a robocall update call 20 mins after the original call to inform you that the bus is actually running but delayed.

On the plus side, the morning sprint in minus 24 weather gives you a free facial with an exfoliation that is 2 skin layers’ deep, you look at least 3 years younger in your new baby soft skin, you raise your heart rate for the recommended 20 minutes, and burn a few calories!!!!! What’s not to love?????

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4 thoughts on “You know you’re a Canadian parent when….

  1. I would be quite angry with the school for that mess up. What about the parents who aren’t able to double back? Yep, I’d be screaming.


  2. Exactly! The bus was due at 735am – got the cancellation call 30 minutes after she had left for the bus, and while I was taking DD number two to her bus stop which was in the opposite direction. Some parents could already be well on their way to work or otherwise unable to make make mad dashes on foot in minus 24C weather. What I have learned in my few short years in Canada, is that the school bus companies are accountable to no-one and that the school pass the buck on the bus companies.


  3. aFrankAngle says:

    Your last line is one of the downsides of public entities subcontracting services.


  4. One of many downsides, I’d say!!


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