Rogers outage follow-up.

Rogers outage follow-up.

After the Ontario-wide Rogers outage last week, I wrote the following post, then shared it both on facebook and Twitter.

I suggested that if paying customers weren’t happy with their telecommunications company, Rogers or otherwise, they complain to the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services. (CCTS)

Well, it looks like Rogers read my blog post. Not only did @RogersElise commented above from her (Rogers) Twitter account, but @RogersHelp direct messaged me on Twitter and offered a credit of $5.00 to my account. I accepted their offer. When I checked my account online, I had a credit balance of $5.65 – presumably the credit included tax.

While five bucks may not seem like a lot of money, what matters most here is that Rogers realised that their paying customers WILL publicly complain and that as paying customers we expect respect and good service. You won”t get good service if you let companies treat you like dirt. As far as I have been able to ascertain, the credit as an apology, is not being given to everyone who suffered the major service disruption. It should. If you want yours, complain.

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7 thoughts on “Rogers outage follow-up.

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    You’re lucky. I blogged about it, published my blog on all social media and also complained on Facebook and Twitter separately. I got squat.


  2. Wow! I would suggest you call them directly and ask for a refund and mention that you are considering switching to Bell and/or contacting the CCTS to file a formal complain against them. I personally believe that ALL affected customers should be automatically credited.

    There’s also a facebook page where we share our tips and best information on dealing with Rogers.

    Please let us know how you get on. Best wishes on this, and with your book writing!


  3. Ah, Rogers. That family relative that we all hate but can’t discard because nobody else is at the family dinner table.

    You’re lucky that posting on your blog worked. I posted on Tumblr before (with a gif!) and it got absolutely 0 reblogs. I think for posting online complaints, it requires that you have some type of standing in the blogging world to let yourself be heard.

    Congrats to you though!


  4. Hi Grumpy Giraffe 🙂

    I don’t have any standing in the blogging community – I’ve been “at it” less than 3 months. I have been running the We Hate Rogers facebook page for a while though, but I doubt they have made that connection. I think what might’be made my original post stand out was that I referred people to the CCTS. If you have any complaints, with any telecommunications company, they are the place to go. Rogers does not want you complaining to them.

    Good luck in the future and just because you didn’t achieve much the first time you blogged about them, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it again. Until they get their customer service in order, I’ll never stop complaining about them. Honestly, everyone really does hate Rogers. 🙂


  5. Thanks for the encouragement! Haha yeah, I don’t think ISPs are very popular here. Bell and Rogers are enemies, but neither is the preferred in the public eye.


  6. fransiweinstein says:

    Thanks for all this info. God I hate them. They are THE worst!! And thanks for the good wishes 🙂


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