Ontario Teachers’ Strike = NO SCHOOL on Friday January 11, 2013

In December, the public were promised that the teachers would walk off the job for one day only. Yet here we are, three days into the new school year, and the Ontario elementary teachers are already walking off the job. THERE WILL BE NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS JK to GRADE 8 ON FRIDAY JANUARY 11, 2013. In December, we were promised 72 hours notice. We have had less than 48 hours notice this time. How much,  or more accurately, how little notice will we get the next time?

A notice posted today on the Peel District School Board’s website reads: “The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) has notified us that teachers across the province will stage a one-day political protest aimed at the government this Friday, Jan. 11, 2013. Elementary teachers will not be in school on this day. On Friday, Jan. 11, all elementary schools (kindergarten to grade 8) will be closed to students. They will reopen on Monday, Jan. 14. High schools are not affected and remain open.”

Click here to read the letter going home today for parents:

On the plus side, I finally got a call from my daughter’s music teacher today and the cheque for the flute rental was returned. Band practise has been a no-go this year, and although I write the cheque in November, her teacher neither informed parents of how this labour dispute would affect the school band, nor responded to my daughter’s request for information. At the very least, the teachers who usually do cover the extra-curricular should have the decency to keep parents and students up-dated on the situation. A lot of parents have hired instruments for school bands that are now stuck in limbo. Even more parents are fast losing sympathy for the teachers.

What I want to know is: Where is the union representing the children??? And why is it always the vulnerable who are most affected when grown-ups can’t agree??

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