How to complain about Rogers or your telecommunications company…

Recently, the vast majority of Rogers customers in Ontario spent an evening without internet and any 3G or 4G data capability on their cell phones. I have no TV and so I literally felt disconnected from the world. Heck, I was wondering if the rapture had come and I’d been “left behind”. I tried calling Rogers 1888 number and like everyone else who called them, I was met with a voice message stating that their “circuits were down”. END. OF. STORY.

Rogers didn’t even have the decency to leave their PAYING CUSTOMERS a message explaining the situation. Well guess what, Rogers??? We are going to complain about you to the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services. (CCTS)

For those of you who don’t already know, the CCTS is an independent organization dedicated to working with you and your telecommunications service provider (TSP) to resolve complaints relating to your telecommunications services. The CCTS has a website where you will be able to submit a complaint, obtain information about us and our process, and link to participating service providers as well as to other resources. You can also learn more about us, what we do, and our role in resolving your telecommunications complaints. Please complain. Don’t let Rogers continue to treat you, THE PAYING CUSTOMER, badly.
You can even complain online at the following link. Or join the We Hate Rogers crew on facebook.Click on the links to reach The Double Parent on facebook and Twitter.

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16 thoughts on “How to complain about Rogers or your telecommunications company…

  1. elise ondet says:

    Hi! We apologize for the inconvenience last night. Service has been restored now, but if you’re still experiencing an issue, you can get in touch with us on or on Thank you and again all of our apologies.


  2. @RogersElise has commented above from her (Rogers) twitter account.

    Dear Rogers – this was not inconvenience, this was downright unacceptable. Outages happen, that’s understandable. But for so long??????

    The very least you could have done was have the outgoing Rogers number message reveal some information regarding the outage, e.g. that you were aware of it, what you you were doing to fix it, and that customers would receive appropriate compensation. Did Rogers do any of that? No. Well, we want to know why not. Rogers customer service is atrocious.


  3. […] After the Ontario-wide Rogers outage last week, I wrote the following post, then shared it both on facebook and Twitter.… […]


  4. Nelson Chan says:

    When I try contact Rogers on the phone, all telephone messages from Rogers is to guide customers how to pay Rogers, but when you come for a refund due to their bad service, down time, they keep telling you that they will forward you to the appropreiated department. Then, the line will disconnected after a 10-15 minutes long wait. Guess what, you need to start all over again. It took me over one month and keep calling to get the $15.00 refund, for one week down time. But I am sure that I pay more than $15.00 a week for their service, in fact, close to $100.00 a month.


  5. Contact CCTS – they are there to help you.


  6. Gurinder says:

    I agree, Rogers are really unprofessional! I am in a building paying for cable TV services. I was given a number 1-866-902-9534 by my landlord and was told to call them so that they can send in a technician or assist me with setting up my the cable. First, I was given a wrong address (1700 Wilson Ave, Toronto), the representative said that he cannot help me as they only deal with Phones. He told me he gets such customers daily and he had to route them to a different location. My question is why this misinformation at first place!!

    Secondly, when I trying to reach the above number to tell them what happened, the lady did not even listen to me or showed concern, she just coldly said, “I am transferring you to customer service” and boom she pressed the button. I did not have any account with rogers and my landlord has all the details so all I was trying to do is speak to a customer representative which after 1 hour of my struggle I was able to do so! The guy had no clue what went wrong and he said contact your landlord and ask him/her to give us a call back!

    Thank God, my internet is not with Rogers!!!


  7. Contact CCTS – they are there to help you an dthey will help!


  8. Shailesh Poddar says:


    I just did. Actually It happened a couple of months back but I only just found out about it. Even though i have been a loyal customer for a while the feeling of betrayal and frustration, should once again remind us of the fact that COMPANY”S like RoGERS are perhaps above the law… which is why they can make a mockery of the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT OF ONTARIO by means of providing false sales incentives which are deceptive and misleading and come up with a measly ” I apologize if the salesperson didnt mention it to you but you will have to pay… such is our policy”

    Wake up consumers…. did you know that we pay in advance and to cancel, even a free service which was pushed upon you, by saying you can cancel at the end of three months and no charges will be levied, will require you to give a 30 days notice… well if you didn’t… Don’t worry NO ONE will tell you, and you WILL receive bills for the following months even though you may have cancelled… Why ? simple, because now the same services at the same address can be charged twice for the same month. HOW you ask? …well the powers to be at Rogers came up with the brilliant scheme/scam … and I experienced it first hand. So i cancelled after the allegedly free three months was over and my tenants who recently moved in started their services on the next day…should be seamless right… but where is the profit in that… so they now charged my tenants for the same period and for the same services that they continued to charge me for. see we got ROGERED twice.

    Well At the risk of having your credit tarnished, you pay. And thats when you loose the want and fight for having any principles at all. BIG BUSINESS 1 : CONSUMER 0 and thats what the score board looks like guys.

    NEXT STEP Better business Bureau, Ministry of Consumer Services, Press, and anyone that will listen. Join the fight… talk about it, spread the word, Principles must come before personal gain or we have lost this fight already.


  9. Dave's been Rogered too says:

    My tale of woe stems back to February, and centers around the infamous MY-5 account with Rogers. I would VERY MUCH like to hear how many people have this same problem, only then will we be able to get an idea of how widespread this issue is.

    The MY-5 plan is self-explanatory, you have 5 numbers with whom you can talk and text at any time. Outside of that plan, numbers are billed at something insane like $0.25 per minute, but they are free between 18:00 and 07:00 and on weekends. The plan itself costs $40 per month, which is just over $45 with tax.

    Here’s what has been happening: In addition to the monthly $40 plan, I kept another $40 in “minutes” to be used for calls to or from numbers not in MY-5, and since this is rare, this amount rarely gets used. Normally. However, for a reason that is not clear to anyone, several times per day I am billed Long Distance for calls to MY-5 even when I am at home in Toronto. In fact, the phone never leaves Toronto.

    Randomly, these calls are billed as Long Distance and slowly deplete the $40 in minutes. The initial calls into Rogers when this first began happening were treated with suspicion and flatly stated that there is nothing they could do, but after a series of complaints about the problem I was finally acknowledged as legitimate and given a small credit for a few of the wrongly-categorised Long Distance calls. The problem continued and the Rogers agents didn’t know what to do other than issue “trouble tickets” and keep refunding (partially) the LD calls. Sometimes I would get an agent that was particularly unprofessional and would give me the “nothing I can do” speech, but a requested supervisor usually over-rode the decision.

    Over the next four months, calling into Rogers two or three times per week had still not resolved anything. Being transferred to Technical Support and jumping through all those hoops fixed nothing, neither did the endless Trouble Tickets that were submitted. I was advised to just keep calling in and getting credited for the LD calls. A common discussion that occurred during each call concerned the fact that the calls appeared to be handled by cell towers that were more than an hour’s drive north of where the phone is used. One call would show as Local, then another call to the same number five minutes later would show as LD… then ANOTHER call to that same number a few minutes later would show again as Local. A physical impossibility, the agents are convinced that I am driving all over the place and jumping from tower to tower then back again. Having no driver license or vehicle I remain in Toronto ALWAYS, but the agents call me a liar. So much for “the customer is always right”.

    So here we sit, all of my minutes are spent on fake LD calls, and the agents are solidly standing against further crediting my account. Through NO FAULT OF MINE, and after following all of their requests, I have a phone that I’m paying $45 per month for, and cannot use it for calls outside MY-5 when necessary, or at all when the system thinks it’s another LD call. I’m stuck, they won’t budge… all because they think I’m trying to rip them off for $20. With between 45 and 140 minutes PER CALL to Rogers, I would have to say that the 54 HOURS I have spent on calls trying to resolve this issue would say to any logical person that this ISN’T about trying to rip $20 out of a multi-billion dollar company’s pocket.

    I am so tired of arguing, tired of explaining this situation over and over again, tired of the RUDE and uncaring agents, tired of being treated as though I am doing something wrong, tired of having no voice with this matter, and I’m so tired of the constant frustration. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be interested in finding out WHY this is occurring. I want this FIXED, I want an apology for what I’ve gone through, and I want them to figure out WHY this happened so it won’t happen to anyone else!!

    Thanks for listening.


  10. Have you thought of asking to be allocated a new phone number without any cost to you??? If all else fails, contact the CCTS. That’s what they are their for and that’s why I always refer people to them.

    Let me know how you get on with them.


  11. Rodel Manoy says:

    They rip people off. They just pass your problems around. No one seems to know what they are doing. They keep coming back because the last person who came to fix the problem screwed up even more. You call about your problems and no one seems to know the last service performed so you just get passed around. They dont inform you about their overcharges on your bill, you have to catch it yourself if you dont they will just pocket the money. The managers at their stores offer you discounts but when it comes to the bills your discounts do not apply because the managers screwed up. You try to escalate your complaints and you can never get passed the bitch gate keeper. Fuck rogers.


  12. Eric Wang says:

    i have been overcharged for over 2 years and last bill was $216.29. rogers threaten to ruin my credit, even worse, the bill gets higher and higher, without my permission. every time i make a call to them, it takes for ever to get through and the bill becomes bigger right after the call, yes, they do pass your problems and rip you off.


  13. Eric Wang says:

    is it worse to file a serious complaint against them? am i gonna win? no, forget it, never in my life, with rogers. it just makes my life worse with rogers. nothing to do, just don’t use rogers.


  14. Steve Nash says:

    I live in an upscale condo in midtown Toronto. we have had a major issue with pixilisation etc
    all rogers does is sends techs out to units and reboots boxes which does not fix the issue.
    we were told by the techs the problem lies with the hub. owned by rogers on our property.
    apparently the techs say it costs money and rogers doesn’t want to spend to replace the hub..rather bandade fix it which still creates issues. this has been going on for several months. we can rely on rogers anymore and have no idea who to contact as their tech support always says they will send a ticket to engineering department…and we will be notified in 24-48 hours..nothing ever comes of it if effects about one third of the building.
    I will try ccts..however I am sceptical. bell also uses the same hub so that wont work.
    any help would be appreciated.


  15. Good luck with CCTS – please let us know how you get on with them.


  16. Carl Cris r says:

    We own our cable boxes with rogers. Months ago we stopped using most of the boxes except for one cable box. Rogers has a record of our box serial numbers. I requested that the boxes be deactivated except for the one currently in use. The outlet fee for the deactivated boxes continued. I complained months ago to no avail. The only way to solve this problem is to cancel service. I was informed about the 200.00 cancel fee. I’m sure H.S.T will be added on top of these charges so I guess one will always have to bend over and get screwed by rogers and the current liberal governments. Do You Fell Free and Liberated Yet?

    I guess I Can recover some of the costs from selling the rogers boxes. But how in good conscience can I sleep at night by colluding to screw my fellow Man?

    Any Ideas


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